Welcome to HFC Nordic 2020

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Nordic Countries

Brintbranchen / Hydrogen Denmark is proud to be hosting the HFC Nordic 2020!

The conference will take place on the 22nd-23rd of September 2020 in the city of Aalborg. The theme of the conference will be hydrogen for the transport sector with a main focus on heavy transport.

In the Nordic countries we have a special commitment going green, and thus also a special responsibility finding solutions for fueling the future based on zero-emission targets.

Luckily, the Nordic region also have a strong position within the field of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies while we have a big influx of RE-sources, such as wind, solar and water power that can be converted into hydrogen. This means the Nordic region has ideal settings for Power2X technologies.

These technologies are of key importance to reach the different, but yet ambitious, national climate goals, while we can utilize the advantages from balancing, energy conversion, and sector coupling.

At the conference you will get a chance to learn more on the latest trends in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies and best practices from a range of keynote speakers with hands-on experience with implementing and developing hydrogen technologies for the transport sector.